Don’t Fall For This Prime Scam

Let’s check out an Amazon Prime scam that turned up in my inbox recently. according to this scam, my Amazon account was put on hold because of payment information.

While the idea that a payment issue could hold up a renewal of a service is possible, there’s some language in this email that’s a dead giveaway that it’s a fake. And I’m not talking about the questionable grammar in that first sentence.

This scam message says that I’ve only got 24 hours to provide my payment information or my account will be put on hold permanently. Scammers always try to make you act immediately or you are doomed.

I oftentimes have to send out notices to people to update their payment information for my website. I NEVER tell them they must do it within 24 hours or they are dead to me.

If I were to have followed the link, I would most likely have been taken to a page that requested my Amazon log in credentials and my credit card number. The perfect way for these scammers to rip me off.

What you should do if you get a message like this is to take a deep breath. Then open another browser window and go to your account page. Don’t click on the link in the email. Or call customer service (not the number they put in the email. Look up the actual customer service number.)

2 thoughts on “Don’t Fall For This Prime Scam

  1. I got 2 Amazon & Netflix the same day. It smelled so after checking email address still not feel right I got on phone went to each account I was fine

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