A reader has a question about the destination for her Kindle eBooks:

“Why do the free Prime monthly offers only go to my Kindle Reader for PC instead of my Kindle? I have the box checked at Amazon to deliver books to my Kindle.”

My guess is it has to do with what Amazon considers to be your Kindle. You can read Amazon eBooks on a Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire tablet, on a PC or Mac, in the Amazon cloud reader, and on apps on your phone or tablet. Amazon considers all of these devices to be a Kindle.

Let’s take a look. Here, I’ve borrowed a book through the OverDrive library app. It says it will be delivered to Cynthia’s Kindle.

But if I click the drop-down arrow next to Kindle, I’ll see there’s a long list of Kindle choices for my phone and tablet. You just have to pick the right one. Sometimes that will be obvious. Sometime you’ll have to experiment.