Microsoft Forces You To Use Edge For Some Links

Microsoft wants Windows users to switch from Internet Explorer to Edge. They’ve already stopped bug fixes for Internet Explorer, which doesn’t work particularly well with a lot of sites these days.

Now, when you go to open certain sites in Internet Explorer, you’ll find that they just won’t open. Instead, you’ll be redirected to open using Microsoft Edge. For example, here I tried to open YouTube in Internet Explorer. The Edge browser opened automatically and displayed this notice that the website no longer works in Internet Explorer.

The box to automatically import my Internet Explorer preferences to Edge is ticked. If I click on the Continue browsing button, my information will automatically be transferred to Edge. If you want to continue to browse but not import your information, make sure to untick the box.

So, what are your options? You could switch to Edge. You could also choose to use Chrome, Firefox, Opera or another browser. Unfortunately for Internet Explorer fans, the number of sites the browser works with dwindles every day.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Forces You To Use Edge For Some Links

  1. Microsoft’s war on browsers

    Chapter One – External: Netscape Navigator

    Chapter Two – Internal: Internet Explorer

  2. This is not a loss. IE was only viable when there were no other options, but it’s been arthritic for years. Everyone needs at least 2 browsers anyway; I have sites that won’t open in Chrome but will in Firefox, and vice-versa.

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