Edge Price Comparison

The Microsoft Edge browser has a handy price comparison feature that allows you to compare prices of items on various shopping sites. First, you’ll have to put the items you want to check into an Edge collection.

A collection is kind of a virtual notebook that allows you to add snippets of text or images. It differs from a bookmark in that you aren’t limited to adding just a whole page. You can add snippets or images and make notes.

Start by opening Microsoft Edge.  You’ll find the Collections icon at the top right of the page.


The Collections panel will pop out at the right.


Click on Start new collection.


I’ll name this collection Shopping. You could call it anything. Just click out of it after you name it.

Now, start shopping. Find an item you like.

Then, in the collection pane at the right, click on Add page to collection.

Once the item is added to the collection, you’ll see an option to compare the price at other retailers. (This only works if the item is available at other retailers.)

It looks like I already found the best price for my shoe.

However, when I went shopping for makeup, I did find a better deal. To go check out the retailer with the better price, just click on it.

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