I was visiting a website the other day when this “alert” popped up and took over my screen. It claimed my McAfee subscription had expired and that my PC was unprotected. It displayed an authentic-looking serial number and gave me a button to click to renew immediately. Well, I don’t have McAfee installed on my computer. I never have.

Naturally, I assumed this was just a phishing scam. I was interested in tracing where it came from, so I right-clicked on the button and copied the address it would lead you to, then pasted it in my Notepad.

This is where it takes you.

A page where you can purchase your “renewal.”

Ready for a surprise? This is not a phishing site. This is the actual checkout page for people who purchase McAfee security. An allegedly legitimate security company is using a deceptive technique to get people to sign up for their service.

I have always considered McAfee to be one of the better security programs. But this tactic makes me think twice about them. Ever since I checked out their page, fake renewal notices have been following me around the Internet.

Not cool. Not cool at all.