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A reader let me know about a phishing phone call:

“Got a phone call yesterday from “Apple Support” I knew immediately this was a phishing phone call, so I followed the prompts to speak to a live tech. is the gent answered to phone ” Apple” I asked if this was “Apple Support?” The dude with a foreign accent assured me I had tech supports o I politely informed him he was nothing but a lousy scammer who knew nothing and was wasting his time and hung up to his spluttering. How could I TELL IT WAS A PHISHING ATTACK? Easy !!!!! I don’t have any Apple devices!!!! Score one for the good guys.”

The fact that you don’t have any Apple Devices isn’t a bad tip-off. But the sure sign it was a scam is that they called you. Even if you have an Apple Device, there’s no way under the sun that Apple is ever going to call you. Same thing goes for Windows users. Apple isn’t going to call you, Microsoft isn’t going to call you, Google is never going to call you.

That’s just not how it works. They have no way of knowing about your tech problems. So, even if someone calls and names a service you actually have a subscription to like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Norton Security, or any other tech-related service, it’s still pretty much guaranteed to be a scam.

These crooks throw out a lot of names hoping to they’ll hit up on a service you use and scare you. Same goes for the names of banks and credit cards. If you think there’s any chance on earth there’s a problem with an actual service. Look up the number for customer service all on your own and give them a call to check.

Stay vigilant!

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