Google Favorites Shortcuts

Did you know the Google Search page allows you to save up to 10 shortcuts to your favorite or most-used websites? Let’s check it out. The plain Google search page looks like this.

You will need to log into your Google account to save your favorites. To add shortcuts click Customize at the lower right.

When the customization window opens, click on Shortcuts at the left.

You’ll have the choice of displaying either your most visited sites, picking your own shortcuts, or turning off shortcuts completely.

Then choose Done.

To add a shortcut, click the + button.

Name the shortcut and enter the web address. Click Done.

To edit or delete a shortcut, hover over it. Then click the three-dot menu icon at the upper right.

Click on Edit shortcut.

You can choose to change the name or edit the web address. Click Done when you’re finished. You can add up to 10 shortcuts.

If you want to delete a shortcut. Click Remove.

To rearrange the icons, click and drag.

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