Rewind & Fast Forward In Netflix App

Here’s a quick tip for using the Netflix app on your tablet or phone. Let’s go over the basic steps to fast forward, rewind, and stop the video.

You’ll notice these are pictures of the screen and not screenshots. Netflix doesn’t allow you to grab screenshots of shows from their app.

Here’s what a show looks like when it’s playing.

Tap the screen to see the controls.

Tap the Stop button icon to pause video. To go forward or back 10 seconds tap the arrow circling the number 10.

Tap the Play button icon to play video.

The slider at the bottom of the video shows where you are in the video.

Tap and drag the red button to move forward or back in the video. You’ll see a thumbnail of where you are in the video.

Once you tap the screen, you’ll also see other menu options at the bottom. You can see other episodes, adjust audio and subtitles, or move on to the next episode.

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