2 Scams To Watch Out For

I’ve got a couple of scams for you to keep an eye on today. One’s a phone scam and the other is a classic email phishing scam.

The phone scam involves crooks pretending to be from your cable company, phone company, or Internet service provider. These losers seem to be primarily targeting older folks. The scammers call people and tell them that they owe several hundred dollars to the cable company. The scammers say if the person doesn’t pay up right this minute over the phone, someone is coming out that very day to shut off your service.

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They then request bank or credit card information. As always, if you think there’s a possibility of an issue with your account, tell that person you’re going to hang up, look up the customer service number for the company, and call it back. Then hang up. No matter what they say. Find the number from your bill and call.

The other scam arrived in my inbox in the from of the ever-popular PayPal scam. Not the best attempt phishing attempt, I’ve ever seen. But folks don’t always read these things too closely.

Aside from the poor grammar, the threat to permanently disable your account within 48 hours is a dead giveaway.

As always, if you think there’s an actual problem with your account, close that email. Open a browser tab and head over to your account to check for an issue.

Don’t let these crooks trick you into panicking and falling for their scams.

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  1. Hi Cynthia, I was going to email you a copy of my daily email from PayPal. As per your advice I looked at the mailing origination and each day it was a different address

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