Is Office 2016 Supported?

A reader asked if support for Office 2016 was over. Well, that depends on where you’re using it. If you’re running Office 2016 on a Windows computer, your program is supported until October of 2025.

However, if you’re using Office 2016 on a Mac, support ended on October 13 of 2020.

Now, that doesn’t mean your Office apps won’t work. It just means that there’s a real security risk and absolutely no guarantee that it will work when you upgrade to the new Mac Big Sur operating system.

Microsoft is no longer making any improvements or updates to Office 2016 so it won’t be optimized to work with Big Sur and there’s no tech support available from Microsoft.

The good news is that you can use free Microsoft Office online or Google Docs on your Mac. Plus there are Mac versions of OpenOffice and LibreOffice to download for free.

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