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A reader has a question about some difference between her and her husband’s computers:

“I did some “regular” type maintenance on my  husband’s computer.  I noted that every time he x’s out of email or Youtube, he has to sign back in again.  On my computer, when I turn it off, the next morning after it boots up, I can go right to email or any regular accounts I use and I go right in without signing in.  (Edge browser)  Just as the old IE days, you could always go into Yahoo email with no sign in Now on mine; when I do the usual cache clean up, I do have to sign in from scratch!  Otherwise, based on my settings I don’t have to do a sign in until my next cache clean up.  Even on my YouTube account; when I shut down my computer at the end of the day, I can go right to YouTube after clicking on the short cut icon in task bar and it opens right up to my account page.

Speaking for husband’s computer, his sign in information is memorized in the edge browser so it’s technically not a big deal.  I’m really really curious on what possible settings I’m missing on his computer???”

There are two Settings you’ll want to check. Start by clicking the three-dot menu icon at the top-right of Edge and choosing Settings from the drop-down menu.

Choose Profiles and then Passwords.

Make sure Sign-in automatically is turned on.

You’ll also want to click on Cookies and site permissions and then Cookies and site data.

Make sure Allow sites to save and read cookie data is turned on.

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