Yahoo! Mail Won’t Send

A reader is having an issue sending email:

“I remember you mentioning something about yahoo email not forwarding stuff anymore.  .  I was trying to send a YouTube link.  It wouldn’t send.  Sooo, I still had the copy active so I went to my Gmail and pasted the link in an email there. and, miracle, it sent.  So, that helped me a little to figure out the problem.  I guess that would mean Yahoo doesn’t want anyone to send YouTube links??”

No, it’s still possible to send YouTube links in Yahoo Mail. I just tried it out myself. And the forwarding change to Yahoo Mail is related to being able to forward all of your email from that account automatically to another address.

Your issue was probably just a temporary one. It could be related to momentarily losing your Internet connection or maybe you need to clear the cache in your browser.

It’s possible there was an issue with your contact’s email address in Yahoo as well. And sometimes an email is just glitched and you have to delete it and start over.

One to seek out the source of the problem would be to attempt to send the same link to someone else, maybe just to your Gmail account. If that works, then the issue could be with the contact in Yahoo.

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