Location vs. Find My Mobile

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A reader has a question about a feature of Her Galaxy S8 Phone.

“My Samsung Galaxy S8+ has Location turned on.   However, there is another setting: Find My Mobile   In that setting, Remote controls and Google location service are turned on. What’s the difference between Location and Find My Mobile?”

Switching on “Location” allows apps to use the current location of your phone. For example, Maps might use it to give you directions. You could search for nearby Chinese restaurants. Apps like Facebook can use it to target you with relevant advertising.

Find My Mobile is a specific service offered by Samsung that not only allows you to track the location of your phone, but also lock it if necessary to protect your data. The Samsung Find My Mobile is different from the Android Find My Phone which only needs for your location service to be on.

It is not supported by all phone carriers. But if your carrier does support it, here’s how to use it.

To activate, open Settings on your phone and scroll down to Biometrics & Security.

Then scroll down to Find My Device and slide it to the On position.

If your phone turns up missing you can head over to https://findmymobile.samsung.com/ to track your phone.

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