More Ways To Make Passwords

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Yesterday, I had a tip for creating a harder-to-crack password. Today, I’ve got three more ideas that came straight from readers.

Use Google Translate

“I translate a common English phrase into an obscure language via Google Translate. For example, “today is Wednesday, January 20″ becomes, in Cebuano, “Karong Miyerkules, Enero 20.” Eliminate the spaces and you get
“karongmiyerkulesenero 20.”

Other letters, numbers, symbols, etc. can be inserted. The tricky part is remembering the English words and the language into which they are translated.”

Draw Divine Inspiration

“I’ve adapted the Verse idea to use a verse from the Bible. the first letter and anything pertaining to God is capitalised, and the reference contains a colon and digits. As in: Imitate God therefore in everything you do Ephesians5:1 – becomes:IGtieydE5:1”

Use Mnemonimcs But Mix It Up

You can mix in CAPS and non caps by using mnemonics like” Hail Mary full of Grace” or “Mary had a little Lamb” this gives you HMfoG or MhalL and mixing in numbers HM1foG2 or Mh3al4L and the occasional (!) !HM1foG2 makes it even stronger…Numbers in series lets you get away with the deadly same password for multiple sites. 1HM1fo2G for site #1 2HM1fo2G for site #2 etc……

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  1. I use lines from old popular songs, preferably ones that have some connection with the site. For instance, the name of one credit card had a connection in my mind with an old phonograph record company, and the major star who recorded with them. So I took the first letters of one of his hugely successful songs, capitalizing some, and adding the numbers of the address I lived at, at the time it was popular. Then in my “code list” I wrote down a clue which I would remember but which would mean nothing to anyone else. Works for me!

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