Unemployment Scammers Target Retirees

elderly couple standing on the street

Unemployment scammers are stealing the identities of retired people in order to fraudulently file for unemployment.

Enticed by the extra unemployment benefits offered to those put out of work by COVID-19, scammers are of dead people, retired folks, and information they got in other data breaches to file for unemployment benefits.

Billions of dollars of fraud have already been reported. Some people only learn they’ve been targeted when they try to file a legitimate claim or they get an IRS Form 1099-G listing their benefits.

Keep an eye out for unauthorized transactions on your bank or credit card statements related to unemployment benefits.

Also beware of anyone who contacts you and claims there’s some type of fee involved to file for unemployment or they need any of your personal information.

Remember, scamming is a multi-billion dollar business.

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