Is This Flash Update Safe?

A reader has a question about the end of life for Adobe Flash.

“Adobe Flash ended on December 31 and my favorite scrabble game, Scrabble Sprint on, asked me each time if I wanted to download Flash for one time only, which I did. Now I get a popup asking me to update Flash which I’m not so sure is safe. I’m wondering if you agree.”

Using Flash Player is not safe period. Adobe took it out of commission because it was vulnerable to attack and now that support has ended, the program is more vulnerable than ever since hackers know it’s completely unprotected.

I’m not sure it was a great idea to download it from a third-party site, either. A direct download from Adobe when it was still available would have been the best option.

As far as the security update, here’s what Flash developer Adobe had to say about updates: “Adobe will not issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the EOL date. ¬†Adobe strongly recommends uninstalling Flash Player immediately.”

I would strongly doubt that update is legitimate. And even if it was, it really wouldn’t do much good.

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