Unsend Gmail Message

Ever wish you could unsend an email message? Maybe you made a mistake, sent it to the wrong recipient, or just said something you wanted to take back?

Fortunately, you have a limited period of time to take it all back when you send a message via Gmail. Let’s check out how that works.

Open your Gmail inbox, click the gear icon at the upper-right for the drop-down menu and choose See all settings.

Click the General tab at the top and scroll down to Undo Send.

The default amount of time to change your mind is 5 seconds. However, click the drop-down arrow next to Send cancellation period and you can increase that to up to 30 seconds.

Scroll down to the bottom and choose Save Changes.

When you send an email in Gmail, a message will pop up at the bottom left of your inbox. Click on the Undo button to recall that message. If you don’t see the Undo, it’s too late.

You’ll see a confirmation that the sending is undone.

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