Chrome’s Hidden Task Manager

Did you know Chrome Browser has a hidden task manager? It’s no secret that the popular browser can suck up a lot of memory.

But Windows Task Manager doesn’t give you a great deal of information about what processes in Chrome are using the memory.

For example, Task Manager shows there are 24 processes open but doesn’t specify what.

Even when I click the drop-down arrow next to Chrome, it only shows that Chrome is what’s using the memory. No details.

Fortunately, Chrome offers its own task manager that gives you a lot more insight. Start by clicking the 3-dot menu icon. Then choose More tools from the drop-down menu. Select Task manager.

The Chrome Task Manager will open.

Scroll and check each tab and add-on to see how much memory it’s using. You can select the process and click End process to close it. If you find a particular extension is slowing you down, consider temporarily disabling or removing it.

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