Images Not Showing in Xfinity Email

A reader wrote about an issue with images not displaying in their Comcast Xfinity email in either the Chrome or Edge browser. However, images displayed fine on other sites.

My first suggestion when something doesn’t display correctly in a browser is to clear the cache by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE.

Looking around, I noticed other Xfinity customers had the same complaint, though. So, I suspect may have something to do with the settings for the Comcast email. It could also be connected with how Edge and Google interact with Comcast email client (Edge and Chrome have the same foundation.) 

I have two possible solutions to try.
In Edge, try following this link:  edge://settings/content
Then scroll down to  Images and make sure Show all is turned on.

You can also follow these steps in your Comcast email inbox:
On the Inbox page, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.

 Then on Settings.

Under Security, choose: Allow pre-loading of externally linked images.

Let me know if any of this works.

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