Offline Repair

A reader has a question about the result of a recent file scan.

“I was doing maintenance and ran sfc /scannow. Here is the result.  I have never noticed the reference to online repair?? 

Would I need to do that even though repairs were made which shows in the scan result.?  Now a logical question if I want to go explore the online repairs;  Is that a cmd event?  Like where is that string typed >>>c:\windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log.  Then that other string; /OFFLOGFILE flag.”

Windows will isolate corrupt files by taking them offline where they cannot affect other files. So, your PC did exactly the right thing.

As for viewing them, your logic is close in deciding what put in the CMD prompt but not quite there. You wouldn’t actually need to type flag. A flag is what the type of instruction you’re giving it is called.

Here’s what to type: sfc /scannow /offlogfile

Here are the type of results you’ll see.

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