Hide Facebook Memories

I love Facebook’s Memories feature. It reminds me of all kinds of cool stuff I’ve forgotten. But it can also bring up things you might want to forget.

If there’s something or someone, you’d rather not be reminded of, you can tell Facebook not to show it to you in your memories.

Just go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/memories/

If you aren’t logged into Facebook, you will need to log into your account. Once Memories opens, look on the left. You can choose to Hide People.

Start typing in the name of the person you’d rather not see memories about.

Then click on Save.

Add as many people as you’d like. If you change your mind, remove them by clicking the x next to their name.

Click on Hide Dates and then select the day or dates, you don’t want to be reminded of.

Select the Date Range and click on Save.

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