Depression Quest

grayscale photography of crying woman

Welcome to Depression Quest – an interactive game where you play as someone living with depression which serves two purposes: first it allows people who have depression that they aren’t alone in their feelings, and second to show people who don’t have depression what their loved ones or friends are coping with in order to build empathy for what it can do to a person’s life.

As someone who has often suffered depression, and who has family members who also live with various forms of depression in various levels of severity – I know how very alone it can feel. With that said, when you arrive at the site, I’d recommend heading directly to the  Play for Free button and clicking it. This will take you over to the page for the free version of the game.

Once there you’re given a longer explanation for the game and its goals. At the very bottom of that explanation you’ll find the Begin link which will start the game. They give the warning that the game has audio, so you might not want to give this a go at work for the full experience.

Once you get started, you’ll notice it’s a choose your own adventure game, where you make choices. I checked out some reviews and a lot of people praise it for dealing with subject matter in a very real way, but I often saw that the replay value is low, so you’ll probably only play it through one time.

Go check it out for yourself today!


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