Firefox Protections Dashboard

Firefox browser is known for its security and privacy protections. This free browser also makes it easy to check those settings in a flash.

Let me show you how. Start by opening Firefox and clicking the three-line menu bar at the top right. Choose Protections Dashboard from the drop-down menu.

The dashboard will open.

Scroll down and the first thing you’ll see is how many times Firefox has blocked social media trackers from monitoring your activity. There’s a handy calendar for the past 7 days.

When the browser blocks tracking, you get a notification like this. Click on the number to get more details.

You also have the option to sign up for data breach notices. Firefox will let you know if you’ve been part of any known data breach and alert you to new ones. You can also click to go to password management.

Note the alert that one of my passwords may have been exposed.

When I click on Manage Passwords, there’s the alert.

I also have access to all of my passwords.

The dashboard is a quick shortcut to your most important privacy settings.

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