Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Paper Illustrations

Oh the feels!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories, so I was delighted when I read this article about an artist creating amazing paper illustrations of the story.  I learned that Talamaska, a woman named Marina Adamova, debuted five Alice-themed paper works at her first solo exhibition in Moscow and then shared some of her work on a blog post.

I was so excited to scroll down to the images on this page. And I was not disappointed when I did! The amount of whimsy encapsulated in these works is amazing.  The Cheshire Cat is an immediate favorite, but I really love the Rose Garden too. It captures the scene so well.

I had to see more! So I started searching and I found a gallery featuring this artist’s work. You’ll find illustrations with pen, ink, and paper, as well as more paper illustration. Do check out the owl series!

If you loved Alice as kid, or heck even as a grown up, go check out these amazing illustrations. I’m going to be sharing them everywhere!


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