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Yesterday, I introduced you to InkSpace Draw Freely, a free program that can manage to do almost anything Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw can handly. (Click here to read that article.)

Today, you’ll follow along with me as I download and install the program. Let’s start by heading over to the download page at this link:

You can choose between the software for Linux, Windows, or Mac. There’s also an option for the raw code for developers who want to work on adding features to the program.  I’ll choose Windows, since I’m installing on Windows 10.


Windows users can choose between 32 or 64-bit versions. Choose the one that matches your system.


You’ll be offered the choice of using an installer package that will automatically handle the installation or a ZIP file for later use. I’m going with the installer package.


You’ll have the option to make a donation to support the program. You aren’t required to but if it turns out you like the program, it would be nice to go back and chip in a little.


Depending on your browser, you may have to give download permission for an .exe file.


If the installation doesn’t start automatically, you may have to go into your Downloads file and click to launch.


Your first option when installation starts is to pick the language.


The setup wizard will launch. Click Next to get started.


Choose between the optimal or custom install. I’d suggest going with the optimal.


Pick where you’d like to install it. I’d suggest just going with the defaults.


The installation will take a few minutes. Click Finish when you’re done. Notice you have the option to open up Inkspace right away by ticking the box.


Now it’s time to start learning this great program.


Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials both written and video available at this link:

Enjoy! Let me know what you think of the program.

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