How does Facebook know when you pass?

A reader had a question about our article on the importance of designating a Facebook legacy contact to handle your account when you pass. (you can click here to read that article.)

“If you set up a legacy person in Facebook, how does Facebook know when you’ve passed away?”

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Facebook will know that you’ve passed away when someone makes a request to memorialize your account. I would assume your legacy contact knows you well enough to know when you’ve passed and they could very well be the person you want to make the request to memorialize the account. But any friend or family member can make the request to memorialize the account as long as they provide evidence you’ve passed away. Usually, a link to an obituary is enough to accomplish that.

Click here to learn how to memorialize a Facebook account.

One thought on “How does Facebook know when you pass?

  1. Thanks for that link, Cyn. I am 90 and needed this to leave for my family, it’s something they should do when I am no longer here, along with notifying my email buddies. Everyone should do this.


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