I love a good infographic, so when I find a great one like this I’m ecstatic! As an avid knitter and crocheter, I find this graphic a very handy quick reference for general wool information.

I’m bringing you directly to the graphic, so when you arrive at the image you’ll most likely need to click it to enlarge it to its full resolution.

It starts by listing animals that produce wool, then how much wool you need to complete a project, how to read yarn labels, and a listing of what specialty wools exist out there.

All of it is great information to have on hand especially for people who are newer to the craft.

Go check it out for yourself today! And if you’re not a knitter or crocheter why not pick up the hobby?

Oh and did I mention the pictures of cute sheep, goats, llamas, camels, and bunnies? It has those too!