Second World War

Welcome to the Google Cultural Institute’s section on World War II where you’ll find exhibits from museums all over the world that share how life was forever changed by the war.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll use the right and left arrows on the side of the page to navigate (you can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse). ┬áThen when you find an exhibit you’d like to explore just click on the cover tile to enter it.

If they are guided experiences, you’ll want to click the start button to begin.  You’ll find navigation instructions in the bottom right corner of each exhibit.  To return the gallery of exhibit cover tiles, look for the x in the top right of the exhibit panel.

In each exhibit you’ll find a collect of art, photography, historical data, videos, and more. I particularly enjoyed that the exhibits are from all over the world, so you truly can start to grasp how the entire world was changed by the war.

Go see for yourself today!


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