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Welcome to Rewordify! This free online software will help simplify complex English into more understandable English.

I love the examples on the main page, so scroll down and check them out. After that, I  suggest starting your journey with the First Time User Guide after you’ve checked out the main landing page. It really lays out how the software works, so that you can make the most of it.

After that, pick a passage of English that is hard for you to read/understand (I pasted in some text from The Federalist Papers) and then watch as the software clarifies the language so that it is more understandable.

Difficult works are highlighted. Hover over them to see suggestions.

That’s not all it does though, as you saw from the user guide it also helps you learn vocabulary so that you become a stronger reader. How cool is that?

I think this is an excellent, educational tool that anyone can use! Go check it out for yourself today!


3 thoughts on “Rewordify

  1. Amanda, you are really sharing some excellent URL’s for those interested in providing good experiences for their children (and for themselves). Please keep these coming!

  2. This is a very powerful tool for readers of any level. I have been an avid reader for my entire life and I will admit that there have been books, research papers, and other documents that were just to heavily worded to make much sense of them. I wish I had had a tool as powerful as this 40 years ago. If there is any one in your life that has any degree of reading difficulty, you would be remiss in not giving them this FREE tool. Thanks Amanda, for a great new tool in my computer arsenal.

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