Check On Your Loved Ones!

I read a police report today that made me hopping mad. I’ve warned you before about the myriad of scams where crooks ask you to buy gift cards.

As we all know, anytime anyone asks you to buy a gift card to read them the number or send to them, it is guaranteed to be nothing but a big, fat scam.

In the case detailed in the police report I saw, an elderly dementia suffer was frightened and contacted the building manager at her apartment building. She’d received multiple calls from these criminals claiming that she owed them money.

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They instructed her to head out to CVS and buy gift cards to settle the debt. When she disputed owning money, they threatened her with arrest and told her officers would come to the house to arrest her. The woman was cowering inside her house frightened that people would show up to take her into custody.

In this case, the police officers assured her it was just a scam and she wasn’t in any trouble.

Remember, scammers like this are targeting people all across the country all day, every day. If you know someone who might be vulnerable, it’s important to talk to them about these gift card scams and remind them that any time anyone tells you to purchase a gift card to settle a debt with the government, help a loved one in trouble, pay a utility bill etc…, it is nothing but a big, fat scam. NEVER DO IT.

If you love someone with memory problems, it could be worth posting a notice with that information in their home just to remind them to never fall for it.

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