FINALLY! Microsoft Office For Amazon Fire

I happen to love my Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Fire tablets are affordably priced and a great piece of hardware. They are basically Android tablets with a special overlay operating system from Amazon. Instead of getting apps in the Google Play Store, you use the Amazon App Store.

One particular app I’ve been wanting for a long time was missing from the Amazon App Store — Microsoft Office! There are several other Office Suites that work with the Fire Tablet, but not the one I wanted. Not until now! I’m excited to say that Office is now available to download and use for free on your Kindle Fire tablet.

Start by opening the Amazon App Store.

Search for Microsoft Office. Tap on the result and then click Get.

Then tap Download.

Once Office finishes downloading, tap Open.

If you have recent Office documents, they’ll be displayed on the start page. Just tap to open. Click the Plus button to start a new document.

I’ll tap on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

I have a choice between scanning a document, starting a blank document, or using a template. I’ll create a blank document.

The layout should look pretty familiar. Since I don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard paired with my tablet, there’s a touchscreen keyboard displayed.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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