Handimania TV

Hey everybody, I stumbled onto a YouTube channel of awesomeness! As you probably have figured out by now I love crafting and creating! I also love how-to videos. This channel offers both!

I actually ran across this site when arm knitting became popular last year, but I forgot about it until my sister showed me a video from here on how to separate egg yolks from egg whites using a bottle. The video is pretty cool, they even time it to see if it is faster than the traditional method of doing it by hand.

So I was lured here originally by the crafting tutorials like arm knitting, making sock snowmen, or even creating glowing fairy jars. But I stuck around for the how to videos and hacks.

They offer really neat hacks like how to sharpen a knife (I had some vague ideas about how this works involving a sharpening stone or strip of leather, but no actual clue how to do it), but what they offer is a practical way to do it if you don’t have a sharpener,  or how to drill a hole without making a dust mess!

They also offer how-to videos like how to open a coconut, how to hull strawberries, or even how to pit cherries without a tool.

I’m sending you right over to the video page, so that you can just start watching videos right away. But don’t hesitate to check out their About section or their homepage.



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