Growing up I loved going through my mom’s button collection for sewing. Over the years that love transferred into a love of different kinds of buttons. Today I collect pinback buttons to put on all my favorite totes and even my nametag at work. So you can bet your bottom dollar I was as pleased as punch to find this site!

From this site, I learned that pinback buttons were patented in 1896 and have been going strong ever since! The Button Museum was created to capture the history of how people commemorated noteworthy times in their lives by creating and collecting these wearable mementos.

I don’t recommend letting kids view the site without parental supervision because some of the buttons may have strong language. You can browse by clicking on any of the buttons featured on the main page, or by using the category menu on the right.

Each button has a write up that includes it’s category, additional images, and information about the button.

My favorite entry is Isabella’s Diamond from the Fan Museum section! It highlights a George Washington Inaugural Button and shares a very cool bit of history.

Go check it out for yourself today!