Man Made DIY

Man Made DIY, is a crafting site geared towards men that features tips everyone can use. 

It’s set up blog style, so all you have to do is scroll down the page to read the past entries. The anatomy of a post has the date in the top left corner, the author’s name in the right corner, title beneath that information, a featured photograph center, and the start of post beneath the image. It gives you a nice tasting of what you’re in for.

As you look through the site you’ll find tips, recipes, DIY projects, and so much more. Want to learn how to turn an old grill into a forge  and then melt down scrap metal and make tools? There’s an article on it. Want to learn how to make Kolache? There’s a recipe for it!

You can use navigation buttons at the top of the page to filter the articles by category. The categories are  How To, Art & Design, Eat & Drink, and Gear.

Go check this site out today!


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