Can I Delete Kindle Books?

A reader has a question about using a Kindle.

“Can I remove my free books from my Kindle without removing them from my other tablet/laptop? My tablet storage is full.”

Yes, you can definitely delete Kindle eBooks from a Kindle Fire tablet, Kindle e-Reader, or Kindle app on your device without removing them from your Amazon library.

All eBooks either purchased or downloaded for free from Amazon are permanently stored in Amazon’s cloud. Here’s how to remove them from a Kindle Fire tablet.

Open up your library and tap the Downloaded tab to view books on your device.

Select the book you wish to remove.

Tap the three-dot menu icon at the top right.

Choose Remove Download from the drop-down menu.

As soon as you finish reading a book, it’s safe t remove it from your device. You can always download it again from the cloud if you wish to read it.

Note that this only applies to Kindle books from Amazon. If you’ve download items through other apps or sites, they won’t be stored in Amazon’s cloud. For example, free books downloaded from Book Funnel aren’t stored by Amazon. Books from Barnes and Noble or Kobo are stored in their respective clouds.

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