Disappearing Cursor Fix

If your PC’s mouse keeps freezing or the cursor keeps disappearing, the problem could be your audio driver.

The Realtek HD Audio Manager is known to cause mouse issues. Here’s how to fix them. Right-click in a blank spot on your taskbar and choose Task Manager.

Then click on the Start-up tab. If you don’t see it, click on More details.

Look for RealTek Audio Manager.

Select it and click on Disable.

Then restart your computer.

One thought on “Disappearing Cursor Fix

  1. When I read this suggestion, I hoped it might fix some of my cursor’s erratic behaviour however, the suggested fix isn’t an option since Realtek HD audio universal isn’t listed. May I assume that this isn’t the reason for my cursor’s behaviour? A search using the term Realtek HD audio universal didn’t result in finding it on my pc.

    HP Pavilion, intel Core i7 8th generation , Windows 10 OS (up-to-date)

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