Mouse Troubleshooting Tips

Mouse acting up? Here are some quick tips to troubleshoot problems.

If you’re using a wireless mouse, try changing the batteries. Before the battery finally gives out, you’ll sometimes see issues with it responding sporadically or the cursor going crazy.

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Check your connection. If you’re using a Bluetooth mouse, make sure it is still paired. If the mouse is wireless, doublecheck that the receiver hasn’t come loose. For a wired mouse, make sure the cord is plugged securely into your computer. Try plugging the receiver or mouse into another USB port.

Is it clean? Has something sticky gummed up the buttons? Is there some goop on the bottom of the mouse? Something on the surface you’re using it on?

Are your drivers up-to-date? Type Device Manager into you search box and click on the results.

Search for your mouse in the list of devices.

Right-click and choose Update driver.

Hopefully, one of these fixes will help.

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