Will Yahoo-AOL Sale Affect My Email Address?

A reader has a question about Verizon’s decision to sell off AOL and Yahoo.

“When they bought AOL and transferred my email to them with the ability to still use the verizon.net domain. Will that go away since verizon.net is owned by Verizon but they do not provide email services?”

No announcement has been made. but it seems unlikely that Verizon would want to inconvenience its customers by dropping the Verizon.net email address. They might very well continue to use the AOL and Yahoo email services for their customers. And it’s perfectly possible to allow the spun-off company to use the Verizon.net addresses.

As with Verizon’s acquisition of AOL and Yahoo, it’s likely that most folks who use the email service might not even notice the sale has taken place. There is unlikely to be any change in services.

If there were to be, you can bet users will be notified way ahead of time.

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