I didn’t realize how hard it was to pick a mattress until I started shopping to replace the one I threw away during my move to Wisconsin. I haven’t had a new mattress in my adult life, so I was really shocked by all the things that I needed to take into consideration. Do I like soft, neutral, or firm mattress? What materials did I want it to be made out of? Will it sleep hot or cold? What size do I want?

I put my research skills to good use and started investigating what my options were. One of the sites I used in my decision-making process was the site I’m bringing you today, Sleepopolis. I saw a video review of the mattress I was most interested in and found it very useful, so I thought I would pass this site along to all of you.

On the main page, you’ll find information about the site, navigation options, and featured blog posts. You can use the enter button, to click into the site which will lead you right onto the mattress reviews. They’re arranged in tables where you can see the brand name of the mattress, what it is made of, and its cost.

If you scroll down past that you’ll find both mattress unboxing and mattress review videos. Beneath that an explanation of the review process. Along the right side of the page, you have even more review options like mattress comparisons.

I ended up purchasing a Casper mattress. It had a great price point, is made in America, and seems like a good hybrid of the things I was looking for in a mattress. So far, I’m loving it.


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  1. Hi Amanda,

    My name is Derek, founder of author of Sleepopolis. Just wanted to stop by to say thank you for all of your kind words. I’m glad Sleepopolis was able to help you find a great night’s sleep (hope you’re still enjoying the Casper!)

    If there are any other mattress or sleep related questions I can help with, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    -Derek, Founder

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