Welcome to The Lively Morgue – a site dedicated to posting amazing photographs from The New York Times archives. 

I am starting you out on the About page, so that you can read all about what the site is about, what they’re posting (check out the awesome diagram with the photo), and how the site got its name! After you’ve read all of that (or if you’re impatient) click the Home link at the top right of the page to go to the main page and start looking at the photographs. The site is set up on Tumblr, so the most recent post will be at the top. I think Tumblr is the perfect host for this kind of project because their blog platform is very friendly to people posting multiple kinds of media (quotes, text, video, photo, etc.). All you have to do is scroll down the page, and then click Show More Posts to load more photos. 

I love that the images are for the most part very clear (the first one there when I visited was of the man holding the lion’s tail and it seemed a little fuzzy to me) and that they provide commentary below the photo explaining what was going on, or what the accompanying news article said about the photo.

What sort of photos will you see? Well, there are aerial photographs, architectural photographs, celebrity photographs, production photographs, and photographs that have captured a great moment (see this photograph for what I’m talking about). 

Now the really cool part! If you click the photograph, it will flip the image over and show you what was on the back of the actual photograph (dates, publication, caption, copyright, etc.). I thought that was just so neat! And now a warning! You may lose hours looking at the images at this site because they are fascinating. I just wanted to warn you of that before you dove right in, and looked up and it was three hours later then when you started.