Activate Storage Sense in Windows 10


Windows 10’s Storage Sense feature can make it easy to conserve your disk space. Let’s look at how to activate it. Start by typing Storage Settings into the Windows search box and clicking on the result.

Your storage settings will open. You’ll be able to see how much space items like temporary files and apps are taking up on your device.

Click on Temporary files and you can view them and choose which ones to remove.

To automatically remove files, turn on Storage Sense. It will automatically delete things like temporary files or items in the Recycle Bin. Click on Configure Storage Sense to customize the settings.

You can choose when to run Storage Sense and how long files will be kept on your PC.

Run daily, weekly, monthly, or only when you have low free disk space.

Choose when temporary and download files will be deleted.

Pick when synced OneDrive folders will be removed from the PC and stored in the cloud only.

You can even choose how long previous versions of Windows are stored on your computer.

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