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A reader is having an issue with Gmails going into the spam folder.

“Hi Cyn, For the past few weeks any and all my Gmails I get automatically go into the Spam folder. Even after check “Not Spam” they go back to Spam.

Most of the emails especially from my daughter and from my wife that were sent to me keep going back to the Spam folder.  I review them every day and find about 20-30  of them sent several days ago.  My wife uses the same email address as I do.

Do you have any suggestions to get rid of it? Please help.”

If your wife has the same email address as you and sends emails to it, Gmail may think that the messages are Spam.

One thing you can do is create a filter that assures you get messages from certain senders. Start by clicking the gear icon in the top right of your inbox and selecting See all settings from the menu.

Choose the Filters and blocked addresses tab.

Check to make sure there are no filters sending your mail to spam or you haven’t accidentally blocked some addresses.

If you don’t see anything that would send your messages into spam, let’s create filters that assure your emails don’t end up in spam. Click on Create a filter.

This window will open.

In the From field add the name of the contact you wish to keep out of the Spam folder. Then click Create filter.

Tick the box next to Never send to Spam and Also apply filter to matching messages. Then click Create filter.

This should keep your messages out of the Spam folder.

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