100% Disk Usage Fix

I’ve been struggling with an unexplained slowdown on my 3-year-old Dell PC. I did all of the usual troubleshooting of hardware and software. I even factory reset the PC. Still slow. When I checked in Task Manager, it said my disk usage was 100% at times, even though I only had one program (my browser) running. I found this tip in a forum and decided to give it a try. Guess what? It seems to have worked. What a major relief.

Let’s look at what I did. My issue appears to have been connected to a damaged Page File. When your computer runs out of memory, it uses a page file to expand the memory. However, that page file can become corrupt. To take care of a defective page file, you must delete it and create a new one. Let’s look at how it’s done.

Start by pressing the Windows Key + R. Then type sysdm.cpl into the box and click OK.

The System Properties menu will open. Click on the Advanced tab.

Choose Settings.

Click the Advanced tab.

Under Virtual Memory, click Change.

Untick the box next to Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.

Tick the box next to No paging file and choose Set.

You’ll get this warning. Click Yes.

Restart your PC. Then follow the steps again until you get back to the page settings. Tick the box next to System managed size. Then choose Set.

Then tick the box next to Automatically manage paging file size. Then click OK.

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