Is Superfetch Slowing You Down?

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If your PC is running slow and you seeing high disk usage, Superfetch could be to blame. The Superfetch feature is designed to speed up your PC by analyzing your previous usage and preloading the files it thinks you’re going to need.

However, if you have a pretty full hard disk, it can cause an issue. To find out if Superfetch is what’s slowing things down press Ctrl + Alt+ Del to open Task Manager. Scroll down to Service Host SysMain. If this process seems to be using up a lot of resources, you can disable it and see if that speeds things up.

Here’s how to disable it. Press the Windows Key + R and type services.msc into the box.

You’ll see a long list of services. Scroll down to SysMain.

Right-click and choose Properties.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Startup type and choose Disabled. Then OK.

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