Kaomoji Guide

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I told you yesterday about the Kaomoji keyboard in Windows 10. (Click here to read that article)

If you aren’t familiar with Kaomoji and would like to use them or are just curious what the symbols mean when other people use them, I’ve got a quick guide.

Kaomoji are Japanese-inspired emoticons popular among anime fans. Emoticons are ways to express your feeling when having a text conversation since it’s sometimes easy for people to miss things like jokes or sarcasm.

Here’s a basic guide:

^_^) Smiling

(≧∇≦)/ YAY!

(°∀°) Yeah, baby!

(ToT) Crying

(>_<) Oh no!

( ̄□ ̄;)OMG…

m(_ _)m Sorry (bow)


(^▽^) Love it!

( ̄ー ̄)Heh

(#^.^#) Blush

(ーー;) Ugh!

(゜∀゜) YEAH!

These symbols can get pretty elaborate and this is far from a complete guide. But it’s interesting to explore how they work.

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