Warning: 88% of Banking Apps Have Security Flaws

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Over 60% of Android App have security issues! That’s the startling and disturbing claim from the security experts at  Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center

The company says their analysis for the first three months of 2021 shows that 63% of Android Apps had security flaws. Even worse, the average number of security flaws per app is 39! Yep, you read that right 39!

This isn’t some big hack or the same issue with every app. These are dozens of small vulnerabilities that add up to a big problem. Most of them are there because the person that created the app overlooked something.

The analyzed  3,335 free and paid mobile app available in the Google Play Store. According to the report, games were most likely to have vulnerabilities. A whopping 96% had at least one. And it’s not just those free apps that have problems.

Researchers said 80% of paid apps had vulnerabilities as well. Even more disturbing, were the financial apps. Check out the percentages of apps with at least one security flaw.

  • Banking 88%
  • Budgeting 84%
  • Payment 80%

When it comes to educational apps, 57% of those had flaws as well as 56% of tools for teachers. In fact, educational apps had the worst high-level flaws.

The report, intended for those developing apps emphasized that the people creating apps are going to have to get far more serious about security to ensure the safety of users.

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