XLoader Malware is a popular tool crooks use to steal private information like passwords from Windows PCs. Now, crooks have modified the virus to target Mac systems.

Macs have long had the reputation of being more secure than Windows, but part of that is because a lot fewer people use them, especially businesses. However, that number has risen recently and Macs account for about 15% of desktop and laptops in use worldwide.

photo of imac near macbook
Photo by Format on Pexels.com

Hackers aren’t about to let opportunities like that go to waste. The malware is available as a subscription service on the Dark Web. Crooks can pay around $50 a month to have access to the service, which is able to steal passwords from browsers and email clients.

These viruses can be very difficult to detect, so prevention is the best cure. Mac users should follow the same security rules we’ve spent years driving into Windows user’s brains.

Be incredibly careful about what attachments you open and what links you click on.

Have security software installed on your device and use it.