Create a Restore Point in Windows 10

A reader is in a bit of a pickle:

“Does 10 have system restore? I would like to go back around 4 days ago.”

Yep, it does. However, it is disabled by default and you must activate it first. Here’s how:

Start by typing “Create a restore point” into your Windows search box and clicking on the result.

The System Properties menu will open. You’ll see that System Restore is off by default. Click Configure.

Tick the box next to Turn on system protection and then choose how much disk space you want to allow for saving the restore point. Make sure to hit Apply or OK.

You can then create a restore point.

Name the restore point and hit Create.

To use System Restore, open the System Properties Windows and click on System Restore.

Then choose your restore point.

How to create a restore point in Windows 10.

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