I’d planned to give you a first look at Windows 11 in this article. As a member of the Windows Insider Program, I have early access to builds. Windows 11 is now in the beta stage and is supposed to be stable.

The upgrade went off without a hitch. I did a little web surfing and opened a Word document. It seemed to work fine and I couldn’t detect any real differences from Windows 10 other than cosmetic.

Then I tried to get some work done. The dang thing would not work. When I tried to write and post website content using the Chrome browser, I received memory errors and was unable to do anything. I thought perhaps the OS didn’t get along with Chrome and switched to Edge. Same problem.

My Surface is a few months old and I have never had a single issue with it until this ‘upgrade. ‘

I looked for updates and I restarted the computer. Same problem. When you upgrade, there is a 30-day option to go back to the old operating system. I decided to go back to Windows 10.

Guess what? It absolutely refused to go back to Windows 10. Error galore. I ended up resetting the whole danged PC. I am not a happy camper.

This is Microsoft’s flagship piece of hardware with absolutely no tweaks to its default operating system. It ought to be able to run its new operating system.

I am not a happy camper. So my advice for the Windows 11 upgrade is to proceed with caution.