Apple to Scan Phones To Protect Kids From Sex Abuse

Apple is introducing new safety features to iPhones to protect kids from online sex abuse.

The messaging app will alert parents when their kids either send or receive sexually explicit photographs.

When the phone’s artificial intelligence detects potentially sexually explicit material, the photo will be blurred with an alert to warn the child.

Children will also receive an alert if they attempt to send a potentially explicit image. Parents will receive a notice about the image and also be alerted if the child views the image.

New tech will also identify potential child sexual abuse material stored in iCloud Photos. Apple will report these images and videos to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). 

Siri will also intervene and prevent people from searching for material related to potential child sex abuse.

However, many have raised privacy concerns about Apple scanning photos and the possibility they could misidentify material.

The new features roll out later this year.

One thought on “Apple to Scan Phones To Protect Kids From Sex Abuse

  1. My commit echos your concern , who of us doesn’t have a picture of a child be it our own son , daughter ,niece ,nephew or even friends children in the buff with no ill intent or thoughts almost sounds like a witch hunt . That said I as much as any parent worry about any child in todays world . Finally what I should have said at the start , it is wrong as it is stated but I hope Apple can find a system with safe guards for both children & adults . Hey Apple good thought now get to work and finish it !

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